That’s right, linksaveszelda has received a nomination for the One Lovely Blog award! The awesome lady who nominated my blog for this award was none other than Simpleek, and I accept this award and cannot thank her enough for the nomination! I truly appreciate it.

There are a few rules that I must follow to truly accept this reward:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Add the “One Lovely Blog” image to your post
  • Share 7 things about you
  • Pass the award to 7 nominees
  • Inform the nominees chosen by posting on their blog

Sounds simple enough. I already thanked the person who nominated me, so now I must add the image to this post.


That’s a very cute image, I like the butterflies and the colors. Anyway, on to the next step – 7 things about myself. Hmm, where do I start?

  1. I was always good at writing in school, essays and term papers have never been hard and I actually enjoy writing them. On the other hand, math is my mortal enemy. I have never been able to do particularly well in math classes. Of course I pass them, but it’s a struggle.
  2. I don’t wear make-up. I used to wear it back in high school when I thought I needed it, but since then I have decided it is too much of a hassle to put on and take off so I remain natural. Because I don’t wear make-up people tend to think I am way younger than I really am. When I tell people I am 23 they are typically surprised since they figured I was 17 or 18 years old.
  3. I’m not quite a vegetarian, but I dislike meat. I eat chicken or turkey on occasion, but only if it is from a local source and no artificial growth hormones have been used. I also don’t eat from sources that abuse their animals in any way. For me, this is all pretty normal since I never liked beef and rarely eat meat anyway. The only animal(s) I eat liberally is fish/seafood. People always ask if I am this way in support of the proper treatment of animals or because I dislike meat – the answer is a bit of both.
  4. I cosplayed as Chun Li from Street Fighter at an Anime convention a few years back. It was my first cosplay attempt and it was very well received. I was interviewed by websites at the convention and constantly asked if photos could be taken of me or with me. I really enjoyed it, for a few days I felt like a star.
  5. I have two tattoos, one on the back of my neck and one on my inner left forearm. I plan on getting a lot more in the years to come and hope to have half or full sleeves at some point in my life. Most of my tattoo ideas are video game based such as a portrait of Lara Croft, the paragon symbol from the Mass Effect series, and the Umbrella Corporation logo from the Resident Evil series. These designs have meaning to me, I really like tattoos and I can’t wait to get more.
  6. I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. From Lewis Carroll’s books to American McGee’s games to Tim Burton’s most recent film adaptation, I love it all. I always really related to Alice as I too find myself coming up with fantastic imagery and ideas in my head, creating worlds and universes where things are different than they are here. I get lost on these ideas sometimes, obviously not as bad as Alice does, but I find myself being more and more like Alice as time goes on.
  7. I love the television show FRIENDS. I have all 10 seasons on DVD and watch them liberally, I actually lost count of how many times I have seen the series all the way through awhile back. I can recite entire scenes, quote the characters, and remember all the episodes of the series.

Now we move on to the nominations. I’m not quite sure who has already been nominated for this award, so I’m just going to chosen ย 7 blogs that I think deserve the award and hope that it all works out. I love all these blogs for there articles and the people who write them, they all deserve this award fro having such lovely blogs!

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Be sure to visit these awesome blogs! Thanks for reading, hope to see you all again very soon!