The Resident Evil HD Resmaster was released yesterday (Jan. 20) in North America and after spending most of the day playing it, I think it’s a good time to share my initial impressions. The game is, obviously, a remastered version of the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube, so a remaster of a remake of a game from the 90’s. The game looks noticeably spiffed up and refinished, giving it a nice luster yet keeping the old mechanics and environments basically the same. It even has a new control scheme which feels a lot more like Resident Evil 4, making those tank controls you remember from your childhood a thing of the past (unless you want them of course, the two schemes are interchangeable at any point in the game).

The game still holds on to its classic, nostalgic charm and aside from a few minor changes here and there (most notably in the dialog) it is the same game as before. This isn’t a bad thing as the first Resident Evil is a survival horror classic which I didn’t think was in need of any change aside from the fancy touch up to the graphics and a new control scheme. The game feels renewed, providing this classic with a breath of fresh air which I felt it so desperately needed.


I chose to play the game on easy, since I wanted a simple playthrough in which I could enjoy myself more without having to stress about killing a crimson head or having enough ammo at any given time. For those looking for more of a challenge the game comes equipped with three standard difficulties to choose from initially, with more available after you complete the game. I also chose to play as Jill because come on, it’s Jill flippin’ Valentine. You can also choose to play as Chris Redfield, as was previously the case with this game.

The only issue I have with this game, and Jill in particular, is the disgustingly unnecessary amount of “boob jiggle” she has. It’s pretty beyond normal (they keep jiggling after she stops moving) and while her actual breast size wasn’t enlarged to “enhance” this effect, which is nice, they sure do move around unnaturally which I hate. Aside from that, I have no real complaints. Maybe my nostalgia glasses are foggy or maybe the game is just that good, I’ll let you make the call on that.

I’m refamiliarizing myself with the story, the puzzles and the game as a whole as I progress through the infamous mansion that stands as the location in which Resident Evil takes place and it’s great. I never owned a Gamecube so I was never able to play the previous remake of this title and I haven’t played the PS1 version in ages. That being said, I am impressed that it looks so good yet feels so similar to the original. This is truly a well done remaster of a remake and it’s bringing me back to my childhood and the memories of staying up late with my brother to play the game, since playing at night with the lights out made it loads creepier.


To this day I confess that this is one of the only horror games that truly freaks me out. I can play through Outlast or Amnesia: The Dark Decent with no issues but Resident Evil still gives me the creeps. I suppose it’s mostly the atmosphere paired with the nostalgia factor of this being the first survival horror game I ever played, and my first experience with zombies (a fictional enemy which I have grown to love). Either way I love that it still instills fear in me, it’s awesome that this game has held up to its horror roots.

All in all, I love Resident Evil and I’m glad that I have had the pleasure of purchasing and playing this beautifully remastered version. The Resident Evil series will always have a special place in my heart and the first title in the series will always be my favorite. Now I can’t wait to actually finish it for once as I never fully completed the game as a child, regardless of how many times I restarted and played through it. Next up will have to be Resident Evil 3 for me, as that is the only game in the series I have never played. I know, I know; I’m a shameful Resident Evil fan.