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For various reasons I have decided to implement a comment policy here on LSZ. I write many articles that cover controversial subjects such as sexism and diversity in the media which tends to draw in a lot of inappropriate comments. I’ve grown tired of being treated poorly on my own website and have thus decided that an official comment policy needs to be enacted.

Below are a few guidelines which I am officially asking you to read before choosing to leave a comment. While I’m sure that all of this is pretty obvious to most people, there are other people out there who are under the impression that creating guidelines and policies for comments is a sign of weakness or a resentment of differing opinions/criticism. That is far from true, for the record, and I have created these guidelines for my sake as well as the sake of all of you – the readers, the commenters, the supporters.

1. This is my blog.

I do sort of hate to pull the “I’m the boss, what I say goes” card here but I am the boss and what I say does go. I pay for this website with my own money and I spend my free time creating content for others to read. I write with the intent to inform and/or engage my readers, not to spark hateful debates and arguments with them. While I wholeheartedly encourage constructive criticism and/or differing opinions, I do not by any means encourage plain criticism and/or disrespectful comments. If you choose to be confrontational, rude or offensive in any way your comment it will be deleted.

This is all at my discretion and I hope that you trust my judgement and know that just because you don’t agree with me doesn’t mean I will instantly delete your comment. As I like to put it, “If you don’t have anything constructive to say, then don’t say anything at all.” If you are only commenting to criticize me, tell me that my opinion is wrong because you disagree with it or with the intent to harass me then don’t bother to comment at all.

If you simply wish to carry on the discussion about the topic at hand or share your personal opinion in a polite way, then by all means go for it!

2. These are my opinions.

Reviews and editorials are opinionated pieces by nature. When I write these things I intend for you to understand that this is my opinion and/or my way of viewing a subject, and this opinion isn’t typically open to debate. I welcome other viewpoints and opinions, I love to hear what other people have to say about a subject even if it isn’t quite the same as what I am saying, but if you are stating your opinion in a way that is condescending or if I find it offense to me or others, your comment will be deleted.

This also goes for other writers and guest posters, they are sharing their opinions as well and are not asking to be argued with or forced to debate their opinion, same as me. No one should expect everyone to agree with everything they say, I am no exception, but around here civility and general kindness are an expectation.

3. This is an inclusive, friendly, and interactive space. 

The above applies to other commenters as well, I will not stand idly by as one commenter rips into another and vise-versa. It’s inappropriate and derails the entire subject as well as turns others away from the discussion. If you’d like to have a conversation with someone about a disagreement or off-topic subject then please contact them in private.

Be friendly to all other commenters as well as the writers, plain and simple. No hate speech, no personal attacks, no flaming, etc.

4. I do not have to do anything.

No, I do not have to approve your disrespectful comments in order to better myself as a writer or learn to “accept criticism”. I accept actual, constructive criticism just fine. No one should ever have to sit back and accept rudeness or general disrespect.

To hearken back to the “I’m the boss” statement, I am the boss and I don’t have to do anything I am uncomfortable with – this includes approving and/or responding to comments.


*Note: At this time all comments must be approved by me before being made viewable to the public. I read every comment that comes through as urgently as possible, with the hopes to publish or delete everyone’s comments in a timely manner. Regardless of my urgency it may take time for me to approve a comment, so if your comment isn’t approved right away it doesn’t necessarily mean it was deleted. Also keep in mind that I am under no obligation to reply to any comment posted on this website. I do try my best to reply to everyone, but at times I have nothing to reply with so I approve the comment but opt out of replying to it. This doesn’t mean I disagree or that I am trying to be rude, it simply means I have nothing to say at the time. Thank you.* 

As long as you follow these guidelines then you are gold and your comments will be greatly appreciated. Any questions should be directed to me via any of these sources provided on the contact page. Now head on out there and comment away!

–Kelly Flatley

*This page is subject to updates and changes.*

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