Yet another award has been bestowed upon my wonderful little blog! This time I’ve received the Blogger Recognition Award from Cary over at Recollections of Play. Thank you kindly for this nomination, as always I appreciate the recognition. As with each of these awards, there are a few rules to follow. This time I will be dishing out two pieces of blogging advise, telling you all the grand story about how came to be and finally nominating some fellow bloggers who are deserving of an award such as this.

Piece of Advice #1:

Keep at it. I’ve seen a lot of new blogs come and go for whatever reason and it’s always sad to see someone with a lot of promise give up. If you truly want to write then do it. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by lack of viewers, lack of topics or a lack of time to put into the blog. It takes time to build an audience and with so many blogs out there it’s irrational to expect yours to be the next IGN in a matter of weeks, months or even years. Keep on doing your thing and the followers/readers will come with time. Popularity isn’t everything. I know it can be difficult at times to come up with a topic to write about, but be patient and something will come to you. It’s important to write consistently (for example, I try to put out one article a week) but it’s also important to write stuff that you enjoy and put effort into rather than just posting things to fill space. Lastly, time. Everyone has time constraints, don’t worry if you can’t put out an article every day or every week, just find a pace that works for you and try to stick to it. Don’t give up for any reason if you are passionate about writing.

Piece of Advice #2:

Prepare for criticism. If you choose to write regularly you will no doubt receive criticism from time to time and not everyone is great at handling it. There are two kinds of criticism: constructive and worthless. Knowing the difference between the two will help phenomenally as constructive criticism should be looked into and worthless criticism should be ignored. Constructive criticism would be a colleague, friend or even stranger letting you know how to improve something. Basically, it’s intended to help you improve and generally comes from a place of kindness, thus making it something worthwhile for you. Worthless criticism is just like it sounds: worthless. This is the “I don’t agree with your opinion so your article is stupid” kind of criticism, it’s not helpful and is typically said with the intention of being completely disrespectful to you. Keep in mind that you will receive both as a writer and knowing when to take notice or ignore it is key. Remember, it’s your blog and you’re the one writing; don’t let others walk all over you but keep in mind that some are simply trying to make you a better writer.

The Birth of LSZ:

Long story somewhat short, I started this blog to showcase my video game reviews. Then I decided to post about gaming news, then added editorials and from there it started to go in all kinds of new and exciting directions. My first review was for Kingdoms of Amalur (yes, that link is to my first review and all its armature glory) and since then I have put reviews on the back burner to focus on editorials/op-eds and have even started introducing pop culture topics into my works. Creating this website is one of the best things I have ever done, it’s been fun and has helped me come to the realization that little would make me happier than writing like this for a living.

Nominations *drum roll, please*:

You folks rock! Keep on being amazing at what you do.