This morning some fresh news was released in regards to Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to the PlayStation 4 later this year. The game was previously released last year as a timed exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox One/Xbox 360 platforms and then earlier this year on the PC. This was much to the dismay of Sony fans as no definitive news was shared about the game’s release on Sony platforms. When the game was originally revealed as a timed exclusive for Microsoft, plenty of fans were upset and hurt that they were being left out of the newest installment in this popular franchise for and undisclosed amount of time. Now, there is new information about Rise of the Tomb Raider’s release on the PlayStation 4 and it is very positive.

The PlayStation Blog posted some details about the game which began by stating that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released on the PlayStation 4 on October 11, 2016. It’s being called the 20 Year Celebration edition and features plenty of bells and whistles to make up for such a long delay.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will come fully stocked with all previously released DLC content such as the Baba Yaga story DLC and the Cold Darkness Awakened pack along with all outfits and weapons. On top of that a new story DLC, called Blood Ties, will be added to the game.


The Blood Ties DLC will allow players to finally explore Lara Croft’s beloved mansion, a thing that players have been wanting to do since the series was rebooted in 2013. On top of that, the DLC will also be compatible with PlayStation VR, allowing players to explore Lara’s mansion in the first-person perspective. We get to be the Tomb Raider, folks. Scot Amos, Co-head of studio at Crystal Dynamics, writes:

While shown previously only in cutscenes in the campaign of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the Manor represents more than just a place. It is Lara’s legacy. It’s an incredibly important part of her story and the franchise, and like many of you we have fond memories of it from the classic games. So we’re excited to introduce the all-new “Blood Ties” chapter, which will let you explore Croft Manor and unlock its mysteries in a new story mode, then defend it against an undead invasion in “Lara’s Nightmare.”

Zombies in Lara Croft’s mansion? Sign me up! In addition to previous content and new story DLC, the 20 Year Celebration edition will also feature some new goodies that celebrates Tomb Raider through the years such as a re-envisioned cold-weather outfit and Hailstorm pistol from Tomb Raider III and a card pack that will allow you to play through Rise of the Tomb Raider as five previous Lara models including the original, low-poly model. There will also be a new setting called “Extreme Survival” which increases the difficulty of the game and takes out all checkpoints. The only way to save the game when in this setting is to pull together enough resources to light your own fires and survive. Sounds like a truly challenging experience, but also really awesome as you will have to actually focus on resources for more than just weapon upgrades, ammo, etc.


For more information and details check out the original post over on the PlayStation Blog.

I for one find this news to be extremely exciting. I was able to play the game previously on the Xbox One after it’s initial release and it is truly an amazing title. I will have no qualms about purchasing it again and going through the experience on the PlayStation 4 as it is so very worth it. As for those who haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet, you are in for a treat! This is a great package for fans who had to miss out on game for the past year.


In other news, a new trailer was released for Telltale’s upcoming Batman series which revealed the first episode’s release date as well as gave us a glimpse of the game and what to expect.

The first episode of the series, titled Realm of Shadows, will be available for download on August 2, 2016 on both current gen and last gen consoles as well as PC and Mobile platforms. If you’d rather wait for the on-disc version of the game, however, the season pass will be available for purchase on September 13, 2016.

In the trailer we are shown a bit of what to expect as far as narrative goes as well as a first glimpse at characters such as Alfred, Harvey Dent and Catwoman as well as a bit of the legend himself: Batman. I’m also really looking forward to this game as I have truly enjoyed every Telltale series I have played thus far, plus I love everything Batman related. This is a game that I have been hyped about since it was first revealed and I can’t wait to play it come August!