Here’s a common scenario: You log in to play some Overwatch, you load up the game and finally get into a match only to suddenly realize that your team is filled with awful teammates. You haven’t the slightest chance of winning because this Mei is just sitting in the spawn zone putting up ice walls and Hanzo in off in the corner trying to snipe enemies through the wall and the WORST ZENYATTA EVER is trying to imitate Soldier: 76 and… Well, you get the point. We’ve all been there and like I said, this is an all too common scenario. These people are simply bad at the game and it’s not even about skill level in all instances but rather about having the inability to cooperate as a team. Given that Overwatch is a team-based game you’d think working as a team would be commonplace but honestly, unless you are playing with friends in a game party situation, it’s not. So who are these types of players and what is making them so bad at playing Overwatch? Let me share with you some of the kinds of teammates that I consider to be the worst of the worst. These types of players can singlehandedly ruin any match with their garbage tactics and general terribleness. With Season 2 of Competitive mode upon us, it’s crucial to discuss what is making teams so bad with the hopes of fixing these behaviors because, honestly, I ranked down almost 10 levels in two days last season due to consistently inconsistent teams filled with awful teammates and I’m not about to let that happen again.

The “Die, Die, DIE!” teammate:

This is the person who only plays offensive characters no matter how unnecessary it is for them to do so. To quickly clarify: No, there is nothing wrong with playing an offensive character regardless of map or objective, it’s always good to have at least one or two, no doubt about that. However, I think it’s relatively clear that I’m not talking about everyone who chooses to play offensive characters. One of the most notable attributes of this type of player is that they don’t work with the team. They take on the lone wolf approach and seek to get as many eliminations as possible because to them that is all that matters. This is the player who picks Genji only to run off and kill the enemy Bastion even though no one from your team is even in the area to reap the rewards of having no enemy Bastion. The McCree who proclaims that it’s high noon even though your entire team is dead and by the time you respawn and get over there the whole enemy team is back too so you get slaughtered regardless. Your team lost but guess what, your boy Reaper got like, 30 eliminations. Isn’t that great? Aren’t you happy for him even though you died a whole lot and lost the game? Doesn’t it feel fantastic to see him get play of the game for a Death Blossom that killed two people who were far away from the objective while the rest of the enemy team was annihilating you and winning the game? I bet it does. Not.


Don’t get me wrong: it’s great to get eliminations because the less people are up and about on the other team, the better, and I’ll be the first to tell you Reaper is my main/favorite character in Overwatch but even I know when he isn’t necessary. There is a point where it becomes a nuisance to have more offensive characters than anything else and, to be fair, it’s generally a case by case basis. If everyone is really good at the character they are playing it can work but that isn’t something that happens often (which I will get into later). The main difference between a team of good, offensive players and the “Die, Die, DIE!” teammate is that the latter doesn’t guard the defense point, they don’t escort the payload, they simply seek out and attack. The main issue is that a) it’s not always effective due to potential lack of skill and b) THEY DON’T WORK WITH THE TEAM SO IT’S ALL A MOOT POINT. This is a team game, people. You are never a lone wolf, it’s never you against the world. Sometimes you have to hang back and get fewer eliminations to help your teammates. No one cares about your elimination count if you let your team’s healer die constantly or allowed the other team to dominate your sniper or leave your tank out by themselves to take on the whole enemy team because you thought that Soldier: 76 was Rambo and could do it all by himself.

The “I NEED HEALING” teammate:

We all know this person: the one who whines about needing to be healed after leaving their team’s healer in the dust to be slaughtered alone time and time again. The one who refuses to defend the team’s healer but get’s mad that they aren’t being healed 100% of the time. Anyone who regularly plays a healer, like myself, has been on the receiving end of this and sadly, more often than not, you are stuck with an entire team of these people. They all want healing but don’t realize that you are simply a healer and not a tank/healer/soldier/death bringer. You don’t have high HP and more often than not you simply can’t defend yourself when the entire enemy team has come down upon your life-giving ass like Mjolnir, the hammer the Thor. Then, while you are waiting to respawn for the thousandth time, you can see all your teammates in the distance shouting “I NEED HEALING” as if you will just magically appear to heal them safely. Given that so many teams I am on refuse to pick healers themselves, forcing me to choose one in order to help us win, you’d think they’d at least try to take on the responsibility of defending me but sadly they often don’t. It gets so bad that sometimes I have to switch to another type of character because I figure if I’m always dead then I’m not able to heal, so why bother trying?


The issue here is that seemingly too many players forget that the healer on the opposing team is a huge target so logically the healer on your team is a huge target as well. I mean you know who you go after when you see a Mercy on the other team who is healing them up and bringing them back to life and while you target the opposition’s Mercy they see your Lucio as a piece of fresh meat waiting to be pounced upon and devoured. It’s important to always have a good healer on your team and even more important to keep them alive so that they can do their job and you can keep doing yours. The moral of the story here is that in order to be a good teammate you need to be watching out for your healer. No one expects you to babysit Zenyatta but if you could just make sure he isn’t getting swarmed and destroyed every time he spawns while you are off gallivanting about it would be nice. Then the healer can do their job and you can do yours. Team work makes the dream work.

The “No Skill, No Problem” teammate:

This is the teammate who simply has no skill. Maybe they are trying a new character out, maybe they are coming back to the game after a brief hiatus and are warming up, or maybe they simply suck. Regardless, they are very difficult to play with. Obviously there is a learning curve and I’m not against people not being at their best in order to try out new characters or beginners who are just getting started in Overwatch. If you are a low rank and have obviously only just begun playing the game then you get a free pass, I am not talking about you here. If you are doing fine but aren’t at your best because you aren’t playing your main, you’re fine and I’m not talking about you either. I’m only talking about the players who choose a character they are really bad at using for whatever reason yet refuse to switch when they realize that the team is have trouble and could use a more skilled player. When you are over the rank 100 mark and you are simply garbage as Mei but refuse to switch when the team is losing then you are just the worst. There is a training mode and a player vs. AI mode if you are really wanting to better yourself as a character. If you are that bad with a new character then try training with them before jumping into a competitive match and using said character.

This is a common occurrence for people who fall into the “Die, Die, DIE!” teammate category. They want eliminations so they pick a character that the team doesn’t need and who they aren’t really all that good with in order to get those eliminations but then they fail because – SURPRISE – they aren’t good and thus the team loses. I mean, it’s cool that you are trying to get good with Zarya and all but a tight Competitive match is not the time to try her out for the first time, you know? It’s a slippery slope folks and while I’m all for trying out new characters in matches I think it’s safe to say that once you realize it isn’t working out, maybe switch? I mean that seems the logical thing to do. I must note that when Competitive play is live then I find it totally acceptable for variations of this type of player to test their skills in Quick Play, staying out of Competitive play while training. There aren’t consequences to losing there, so it’s fine, but in Competitive there are consequences so teamwork is even more important than ever.

The “One and Done” teammate:

This teammate is the type who only plays one character regardless of the circumstances. This is sort of the opposite of the “No Skill, No Problem” teammate and can fall in line with the “Die, Die, DIE!” teammates, but I feel they deserve their own category as this is a separate issue and one that has the potential to be infuriating. Now often times this type of teammate poses no real problem. They play as only one character because they are good with said character so skill isn’t usually an issue. However, there are two specific scenarios which showcase why the “One and Done” teammate can be just awful to have around.

Scenario number one is when this type of teammate chooses their preferred character on a map or mode which is super non-conducive to their character. Example: choosing Widowmaker when escorting a payload. It’s pretty rare that a sniper is needed to escort a payload, usually after the initial attack is made and the payload is ready to actually be escorted the need for a sniper diminishes. Of course there are exceptions, and this is merely an example, but regardless of how talented you are with Widowmaker she looses effectiveness when the payload is being moved at a good rate of speed. Her ultimate attack doesn’t really do a lot in this scenario and with the constant movement she just becomes pointless to use. It would probably be more helpful to switch to another character in this case but these folks don’t do that. Sure, this isn’t commonly as destructive to the team dynamic as the other types of teammates but it can be frustrating when a player isn’t dying but also isn’t really eliminating, making them sort of non-existent and pointless.


Scenario number two is much worse: when this type of teammate sees that someone else has already chosen that character and stubbornly chooses the same character anyway, which thankfully is only a problem in Quick Play but is a problem none the less. I consider this type of teammate to be a bit of a bully because they tend to force you out of playing a character you want to play because you are a good teammate and realize that having two Lucio’s is kind of pointless when your team could use another type of character more. If they aren’t bullying you out then they start this sort of stalemate as neither person wants to switch and therefore the team goes without a tank/healer/what have you because these two goobers are both Bastion and refuse to switch. Luckily hero stacking is disabled in Competitive play so when it really matters, this is a non-issue, but it makes for hard times in between Competitive seasons or when you are just casually playing Quick Play.

Again, this type of player is far from the worst offender listed here but I find them to be equally as annoying as all the others. It’s common to have at least a few characters you are good with, so why pick one who is either unnecessary or already chosen when you could play as any of the other 20+ characters available? The world may never know, but that doesn’t make this type of player any less of one big, disastrous, eye-rolling fiasco.

 The “Rage Quit” teammate:

Rage quitting, or the act of leaving the game due to anger, is a thing that happens in pretty much every competitive online game out there. In Overwatch’s Competitive mode, however, it is one of the worst things that can happen. For those who are unaware, let me explain why this is so detrimental in Competitive mode: If your teammate quits, no one takes their place. Unlike in Quick Play where once a person leaves the slot left by them can immediately be filled by another player who is searching for a match, Competitive player spots will remain empty for the duration of the game. So if your teammate gets mad and leaves then your team is down a person for the rest of the match. If this occurs at the beginning then the match is cancelled, forcing you back to the main menu with no negative consequences, but if it occurs later on then you are basically screwed and have to take a loss. It’s extremely difficult to win a match when you are short even one person, especially when the other team is really good and/or well-coordinated. So because homeboy is mad that the enemy Bastion keeps killing them or they aren’t getting their way, everyone else has to suffer. It’s the epitome of destructive selfishness.

(Note that you are allowed to reconnect to the match while the match is still going on, so if you disconnected due to network issues you can simply rejoin. It’s the angry douche-bags that refuse to rejoin and screw everyone else over.)


I think it’s fair say that rage quitting is annoying no matter what game you are playing. It’s no different in Overwatch and is probably the worst kind of behavior possible when playing in the Competitive mode. I’ve played on and against teams who have rage quit as a group leaving only one or two players to finish out the game and it’s just deplorable. It wouldn’t matter as much of your rank wasn’t lowered for losing but it is and losing like that is just the worst. Luckily, thanks to changes in the ranking system for Competitive Season 2, I don’t think this will be as soul crushing as it was previously in Season 1, but it will still be a frustrating waste of time nonetheless. All I can say is that we all need to suck it up and accept our loses. Stop rage quitting like that will somehow make you a more skilled player or make your team automatically win, you salty ass-hats.


So there you have it. Those are the kinds of players I consider to be the worst or at least most annoying to play with. Regardless of all this, I still find Overwatch to be the most enjoyable online game I have ever played. I’m so very excited that the newest patch is out today which will be bringing about Season 2 of Competitive mode, the newest map (Eichenwald) as well as all kinds of other updates and fixes. If you are interested in learning more about this newest patch, check out the patch notes! On that note, I’m off to go play Overwatch myself and hope for good teammates. What are some of the worst types of teammates you have ever experienced while playing Overwatch? I’d love to read some of your personal stories!

I leave you now with some funny Overwatch memes to brighten your days (please feel free to add more in the comments, I love funny Overwatch memes)!